The Atherton tablelands in pictures

After we recovered from our conversation early in the morning the tablelands were an amazing place to be. Of course you had to be willing do work for it. Instead of many words we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves this time!

Right after our not so pleasant encounter we had an inspiring talk with the owner of this castle and enjoyed some awesome coffee waiting out some rain.
As we didn’t buy fruit earlier we jumped at the chance of this little roadside stand selling papayas.
Naturally we had to compare if these were as delicious as the ones before… They were!
And if you ever wanted to know if not yet processed cocoa tastes good – we tried that as well and oh well, it kind of doesn’t. But still interesting!
So much green!
Clouds looming…
…but loving the roads…
…and the views.
Buying some tea directly off the fields.
A little hike in the woods…
…and another one with a nice waterfall at the end.
The next morning some more climbing rewards us with stunning views.
Yep, not a bad place for a second breakfast.
Just a bit hard to get moving again…
Good that we are on bicycles ;).
The kind owner of this house invited us in for some coffee to hide out from the rain. The company and the coffee was just what I needed when it turned out that the tablelands aren’t really flat after all.
Another hike in a beautiful national park. As we were a bit low on food three fellow travellers took pity on us and gave us hard boiled eggs – quite the luxury after a few days without real supermarkets!
Our new friend rain is finally catching up with us.
On the next day we took it easy and enjoyed this beautiful lake with lots of coffee and some reading / writing / picture taking.
The sun brings out the colours.
Like this one. Just because.
And after a quiet day we make our way towards Mareeba. Over some real backroads this time with the added bonus of dogs chasing us.


Looking back over these pictures the tablelands really offered some of the most stunning scenery. It didn’t come without effort though. It was a constant up and down and I’m really looking forward to some rest days now. And I’m curious to meet our next host, Dale – a recommendation from a warmshowers host who is currently out of town himself!

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