Cycling Lombok in pictures

After staying in Lombok’s capital Mataram for nearly a week, we were itching to get cycling again. Wanting to avoid the busy main road through the middle of the island we set off towards the north coast.

We cycled past a Chinese cemetery…
and I marvelled about all the tiny figurines and inscriptions.
This guy said Hi…
and so did they!
We cycled past many a paddies, this one with a small fire going.
People harvesting chillies.
Beautiful roads.
We cycled around some big mountains and over a lot of tiny but steep hills. But it was way too beautiful to complain!
The ocean was never far.
The evening light paints even the very dry areas all golden.
After a long day of cycling and a fruitless search for a place to sleep and rest, Mohammed picks us of the street and invites us to sleep in his home which he built himself. He provides food and is to date one of the best Indonesian-teachers we met. Still on the road I was starting to get worried of where to stay but once again it shows that we needn’t worry. Somehow a solution will always come, someone will always help.
In the morning we said a heartfelt goodbye to Mohammed and cycled the remaining hour to the ferry. More water, more islands, Sumbawa, here we come!


Cycling along Lombok’s north coast was a beautiful couple of days. Coming from Bali we noticed a big drop in tourist numbers which meant that we got a lot more attention from locals. So we cycled up and down the undulating roads, bathed in the views, enjoyed coffee breaks and lots of small talk about where we go and where we come from. And a mere three days later we were already on the ferry to Sumbawa!

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